Kelso Dunes -Pictures

Why go to desert?  There are things you can’t see elsewhere.  Like sand, the wind stacked it up about 700 feet here.  Wedged between several mountain ridges, and part of one of four deserts in Southwest US, it unique in size and scope.  Forty five square miles of sandbox.  The road in can see seen going on forever too.  The California everyone thinks of here. ūüėČ. Look for Mojave Desert Nation Mounment and you’ll find this about twenty miles north of I40.

The landscape may seems barren but there is life to spare.  Plants and critters are hidden but there.  Several small lizards some themselves.

But the sand…the hike is much more than it looks like.  The dune isn’t straight up.  The layers have dips on the way up.  As you climb a hundred feet  there are cuts that drop you ten to twenty five down to climb back up.  I made it to the 125 feet straight up climb.  It’s a desert. No water and 85 degrees is much hottest when covered in sand.



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