PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Roberson

The legendary snakeroot finally broke the surface of the water.  Its was rumored to be the cause of the six drownings in Lake Pleasant this summer. The stories about the plant go back to early settlers.  It’s rarely seen.   Mixed in with cattails, it might as well be invisible.

“Boss, let me get this straight.   I’m going to a mud pit of a pond.  I’m going to find a legendary plant that drowns people?!…..”David Daily looks at his phone in disbelief.   Years of award winning investigative journalism flash in his head.  “I mean it’s an urban legend.   Not my wheel house.  How about you send an intern?  Let then cut their teeth on the big story. …I see, you are serious…. ok. I’ll put the triple murder investigation aside, sir.”

Headline next morning. . Seventh Victim of the Lake

26 thoughts on “Snakeroot

  1. The stories go back to early settlers about the plant. I would reconstruct this sentence to read “The stories about the plant go back to early settlers” Picky, I know, but it flows better.

    Poor journalist. Maybe the boss was actually trying to get rid of him.

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      1. I like the obvious! Whenever I read John Steinbeck, I am struck by how clearly he reveals a character’s tragic flaws early on. And everything after that is a confirmation of what we know is going to happen, and yet, it’s so dramatic and so tragic.

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