Fall pictures


The third week of October is turning out to be peak color here in Northern Ohio.  It’s almost two weeks later than normal.   Orange and red are hard to come by this year.  Sure trees went brown and dropped everything in the rain.


Sweet gum ( black tupelo, to my southern friends) will always turn red.


In another week the bald cypress will be pumpkin orange, and the brakes will fall in a day.   Becoming bald.  Its a not quite evergreen.


Ok, the azeala has a problem with keeping proper time.  They bloom in spring here. Obviously,  it thinking of a vacation to Australia or maybe Chile.


The late ripening beauty berry sends out dozens of arms of purple.  The birds will wait to eat these last.


The red version of a cottage pink (Dianthus) still remembers summer.  As well as my favorite dahlias…


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