The Edge -Literary Lion Challenge


This week’s feline growl has told me of the prompt ‘Edge‘.

You have a two weeks to craft your stories of 400 words or less. Remember to pingback to this post, include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ so we can find all your stories in the WP reader, and of course give me a shoutout on Instagram and twitter.

The line one crosses takes many shapes.   It’s not always a straight line.   It may not even be a line at all.  Sometimes it’s an edge.  A sheer cliff.  The place the heart sinks taking the body with it.  It separates the after from the now.  

“It’s a blur.  The last week.  I’m not sure how it happened.” Jacob sifts his feet.  The wind runs across the roof of the building.  It pushes his back.  

The parking lot looks purple in the dim light.  Traffic noises raise up to the seventh floor.  The world below is cut off up here.  It has cut itself away from Jacob.  The ties that bind you to everything around you severed.  Nothing is the sum of his parts at this moment in time.

The night air runs its fingers through Jacob’s hair.  It cool embrace makes the pain of his life diminish.  The call of no pain whispers in his ear.  His troubles slowly fade.  Time around him stop.

A filament of haze dances in front of him.  The swirl forms a pale outline.  The form sways side to side before him.   A face in grey, melting to white looks back at Jacob.  Black hollow eyes shift to pale blue grey.  The sharp nose draws toward a thin set of lips.  High cheek bones create shadow features.  The face is haunting, but comforting.

“Aaahhh, aahhh.  Oh my god!”  Jacob tries to talk.  His color quickly pales to match the spectre.  His mind can’t react properly.  His eyes see, his heart freezes his blood in place.

Her face is perfect.  Her features are alluringly cloaked in shadow.  Pale skin with outlines in heavenly curves.  Her thin lips form a smile.  She rides a current in the night air.  Bobbing up and down, side to side.  Her elegant hand extends to him.  Dainty fingernails, thin bony hand reaching for Jacob.  Peace, tranquility radiate from the ghostly flesh.

Jacob froze in wonder that grows from fear.  A dream has present to him. The thoughts of his loses mean little know.  The hand draws him in.  Her beauty can not match her peacefulness.  With a single step, he reaches for that hand.  The sensation is warmth.  Fulfilment never known.  A flash in the air.  His heart and being become weightless.

“Oh my God!  He just jumped!  He went through the sunroof of my car!   Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my God!  Someone help!  Someone help me!  Why would he jump!  Why would he jump! Oh my Gid, oh my God, oh my God!  Why would he jump!” Amanda recognizes Jacob.  She knows why.


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