Cerberus – Tale Weaver #35

Tale Weaver# 35 – The Wicked Witch and her Animal Companion

Image: © Rose’s Garden

This week we incorporate the Fairy Tale into the Tale Weaver.

Weave a tale about the wicked witch and her animal companion.

It could be a dog, a bird, a cat in fact any animal that becomes her companion.

Here is a link to the first wicked witch prompt.



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It was a wonderfully cold day.   People’s breathe freeze s as it came out.   The grass crackles underfoot.  October was the season of the witch.  The wicked witch, at least.

The Sun hung on the air.   The air wouldn’t budge.  Locked in place by the cold.   Her heart didn’t beat as it froze when her last companions were taken away.   OZ, their silly rules about how many flying monkeys per square foot in a castle.  It wasn’t fair.   But she had turned the first dozen inspectors into toads.   Then they tazered her.

Now, things would be different.   She went over the rainbow.   A little foundation to cover the green.  No-one knew her.   The first animal shelter had a dog that just wouldn’t behave.   It’s nature was bad.   They called him evil.   The devil dog.   He was prefect.

She worked with his obedience classes.   That whip tail perfectly used to break things, slap the fleshy leg of people.  His scent rewarded to taste into lion meat.   All metal objects were to be destroyed when they move.   Beds self made from fang torn straw.   Feasts of tiny little dogs.   He was ready for her castle.

The first morning he is tied out came the cold.   It stayed. It lingered.   She loved it.   Her and her little dog too!  Cerberus.


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