Ship of Fools


Providing our photo prompt this week is Sonya, author of the blog, “Only 100 Words.”

“Ship of fools! Did they really think we’d let them walk in to our country!   I’m telling you Rustov, these people are crazy.   Just because we accept others, didn’t mean we’ll take then cause they show up!  The nerve of them.  I bet there’s a couple terrorists in that ship.    Damn foreigners.   They try taking over Europe. Now they’re here.” Machiano sits tobacco juice on the dock.  

“We are all mutts here.   No one but the injuins are from America.   Funny, whop calling Arabs terrorists.” Rustov looks at the person he’s stuck guarding a ship of illegals with.

“Fucking terrorists!   Just blew up the ship now.   Damn Germans brought them here to keep then out of their county!   When they blow up a bus or subway, I’ll remind you.   YiuYou fucking bleeding heart.   Let then all in.   What about the ones who live here?” Machiano points his finger an inch deep in Rustov chest.

“They might live here peacefully like us.   They’re families.   Kids, hopes, dreams.   Are you afraid they’ll do better than you?  You know some will stay.” Rustov swipes his finger away.

“Don’t make any if it right!”

14 thoughts on “Ship of Fools

  1. What’s sad for me on this image is that I watched the Deutschland leave port a number of years ago in Summerside Prince Edward Island. We stood and waived good bye to all the happy traveler as they re-embarked on their journey. The guest on board sailed back to New York and boarded a Concord. The plane crashed into a hotel in Gonesse, France and killed 113 people on board.

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      1. Sorry to have messed you up. I was very blond as a child. Perhaps it’s resurrecting itself in me also! phhfff. 🙂

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      2. Well I like a man with blonde hair. I like a man with silver hair or slat&pepper also. Very handsome and distinguished. As long as the blonde doesn’t make you talk like a surfer. I got over those sorts when I was in my early 20’s. Heheheh

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  2. Sorry about that. We all immigrated to the US from other countries. We continue to fight others coming here. I got auto corrected there. Those people have been through so much getting to Europe from Syria

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  3. Seems many countries in this world are having a huge influx of immigrants. It is sad really, that countries are getting way over their limit of immigrants and yes many of them are families, men, women and children. No one seems to know the answer to this problem as there are so many problems that come with it. Great story Mark! Thank you for your participation and I hope you enjoy your trip.

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