The Left Click of Destruction

PHOTO PROMPT – © Marie Gail Stratford

“There was a time when rivers ran free.  There were tall plants, we called trees.   The ground was brown and covered in solid patches of grass…” Grandpa Julius pauses, pulls off his fishing hat, adjusts in on his head. “You see at your age we had a wireless libraries.   Lights powered all night long.”

Abraham looks at him with big eyes of a six year old.

“One day, the President had this device called a mouse.  With one click, the war started.  No-one knows why it happened.  Some day maybe you’ll see a light, fake sun in your room” his voice falters.

36 thoughts on “The Left Click of Destruction

  1. Didn’t expect dystopia to come from the picture of an innocuous mouse. Loved how you took it there. Perhaps, the President or the ‘clique’ should click, and humankind obliterated and the Earth should be returned to Nature.

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      1. Yep, the KGB had the world war II phones in the field. After the Soviet Union feel, agents said they were ready to launch if they lost contact with the homeland. There were so close to Miami, the thought was an attack could cone within thirty minutes and no way to tell why communication was lost. That’s a scary story

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      2. The perspective was different. It was a handful of people at a time. Always overseas. We were safely isolated. World news doesn’t get good coverage on tv here. So world problems stay over there.

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