Writing Challenge #126, “Collage 7”, Lydia


The Temple of Grimgar was covered in diamonds.  Sparkling wall rose thirty feet to a conical peek some seventy feet high.  The noon sun could blind you.  The heart would swell in the light.  Every fear, every bad memory disappeared in this light.  The shimmer of  surrender.  He body felt weak, like being lifted by straps taking her to the light. She wanted to savor the feeling.

As her turn in the light came and went, she found herself like many others clinging to the wall leaving.  In a rash moment, she used a car key.  Who would miss just one?  Her ill gotten gain was might by a strange man.  Embossed in the rainbow, he held up his hand and blew yellow dust over her. 

“The light will never find you.  So it is written!”

Lydia felt her heart explode.  The pain was as devasting as her life always felt.  The grenade of envy.

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