8 thoughts on “Six Words Stories

      1. Kevin O’Leary said once on an episode of Dragon’s Den, something to the effect of: “When all you’ve got left in the world is your dog and the roof over your head and everyone in your life has died or left, the only thing that will love you is the dollar amount in your bank account.” That subtle truth in that scares me. So, although I KNOW money doesn’t buy happiness, it does however provide a safety net. I’m still enjoying life as much as I can allow, but I’m still able and energetic enough to work hard at my net. When I park my ass into retirement some day I want to know I’m going to be okay.

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      2. Good point. ProViding got oneself is very important. But the world cares little of our plans. People who retired in the early 90’s had no way of knowing gas prices would quadruple in Ten years. Or that, they would have to pay hundreds in prescription plans each month in US. Life gives little notice of up coming disasters. Enjoy as many days as possible. Financially secure is good, emotionally and mentally secure are priceless.

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      3. Very true. I practice living frugally with very little possessions. I don’t have, and have never needed, very much. Some things I enjoy, like clothing and quality items for the sports I enjoy. And I even though I say ‘retire’ I doubt I’ll ever stop doing what I love until I can no longer do so. I am fortunate that when I wake up, I look forward to my day because I worked hard to be able to do what I love. 🙂 It’s all a balance right?


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