Antelope Canyon


There is a crack in the ground. It’s a quarter mile long. Only a hundred feet deep or so. What could possibly make it a destination. Well twenty five years ago, it was a tribal thing. Then someone took a picture. The world changed with one picture. It sold for five million dollars!


Light plays interesting tricks here. It streams through the cracks in the rocks. And it turns orange! The sedimentary rocks glow. There are places in bends. There are places it keeps dark. There are places our vision distorts. Some place it looks back at you.


Water rushed through here in flash floods. It carves trusts and turns. Six feet of sand can come in overnight. Logs that started as seventy foot trees hand over your head here. Torrents of water made all of this. Sunlight bends to find a spiritual glory here.


Animal forms here includes a dolphin. It juts out from a wall.


A bear climbs to ceiling. It looks feels the sky above it.


This is a place where it’s large enough to pass three at a time. It’s really narrow. Several tour groups use this canyon. You won’t be alone, but there are a couple minutes it seems that way. The tours are crazy. The guide leading us had sixty people. We divided into twelve person units. The guides take pictures in some places for you. You can’t go by yourself. I paid fifty a piece, for hour and half. Some tours run two and half hours and will set you back $125 each.


The scene is straight out of your memories. Sunrise at Monument Valley. Twist you’re head and it’s there. The use of blacking objects makes the place special. The feeling is strangely spiritual.


Orange is rare underground. So is the lone figure. He was taking a picture of a group. It’s not good picture blown up, but on the little screen.


Antelope Canyon is located minutes from Page, AZ. The tours meet in Page. You maybe treated to an Indian Hoop Dance. The trucks are open air. The roads are sand and rough. But the views are worth everything.

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