National More Herb, Less Salt Day

Today,  August 29, is  national More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  Do you get enough salt?  The average American only takes in 3400 milligrams a day!  Just barely double the safe level of 1500 milligrams!   So to battle this,  a day to enjoy healthy eating.   If you would rather easy your bag of potato chips and eat processed food, there hope for you yet.   The footer of the day  is the Texas Bluebonnet.  Since its usually bloomed out by now, the exercise finding one will help.

Sunday is a piece meal day. Frankenstein Day.  Mary Wpllenstone Shelley born this day, August 30, a mere 218 years ago. A frightening story of how surgeons were playing God.  People being put back together! Wounds closed?  Infections bleed out? We will live forever. ..

Tuesday brings the less remembered VJ Day.  The official end of the American operations against the Emperor of Japan.  After two devastating atomic bombs melted cities.  The only ones deployed in war.

Wednesday’s are tall order to face the second half of the week.  September 3, hug your favorite steel beam! The lowly beam allowed man to reach for the sky without the pyramid.   If you’re in China, you have 7 of the top 15 buildings.   But as of today,  Dubai has top honors.
Tallest four:
Burj Kalita 2717 feet Dubai
Shanghai Tower 2073 feet Shanghai, China
Allah Royal Clock Tower Hotel. 1971 Mecca,  Saudi Arabia
One World Trade Center 1776 New York City, US

Enjoy your up coming week.

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