Weekly Challenge #75, Trapped


“Lies, lies, they are all lies.” Thelma throws a book at his head.  It lands a glancing now across the forehead.

“Oh, come on!” He shakes it off.   “You can’t do this to me! Your friend called me!   She called three times.  It’s your damn birthday!”

“Oooh, you were helping wrap it with her.   Did you sick it in her first? Or after? Maybe she could have tied a bow on it for me!  Do I look stupid? You both look over each other when I’m with both of you.   Am I just to help with the bills?  A practice girl for your amusement?!”  Thelma fires another book.   Larger hardbound.

“Damn it! That hurt!”

“Oh I’m sorry.   You piece of shit! It’s supposed to!  I spent all day tying this ropes up like that, making a dinner for you. I wheeled you down those stairs.  I should have dragged you.  You need to come clean.  I’m going upstairs.   Remember that trazer you have me. Think about it.” Thelma turns and walls away.   The room goes dark when she leaves.

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