For the sharing

authenticitee’s NO #BLOG LEFT BEHIND ReBlog-A-Thon!

Time to party with a purpose again! We all follow that one incredibly, gifted blogger that we wish the whole world knew about! Well here’s your chance to showcase their blog by passing them the mic! It’s real simple!

1- Reblog at least one post of a blogger who’s new and/or has less than 200 subscribers.

2- Post your link of the reblog below!

3- Be sure to have fun & pay it forward!

Begins: Now!

Ends: When Mom & Dad Come Home!

So the blog party of discovery needs sites.   Here are a threesome.  Please stop by and visit.  One for sharing others blogs.   One because they are new.   One because she is becoming darker in her works.

There are several others worthwhile that I follow.   But I’m following over a hundred.

6 thoughts on “For the sharing

    1. If you blame me for your dark thoughts, you still get credit for having them! I was adding you to the list anyway. You deserve exposure. Johanna is featuring me in a visitor’s blog. And I wanted to help out a newbie. Now I can go find someone to do terrible things to, balancing out the good &bad, ying &yang….:-D

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      1. aww you’re sweet, you definitely get all the credit to get me out of shell of thinking just straight and act like a goody two shoe. There are many variables and emotions in this world and because of you I am able to touch upon them. So yes encouragement means a lot and consistency in support too. Hey I wanted to feature you too. Btw, I should warn Johanna lol;)

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      2. I’m blushing. It would be an honor to be featured by two lovely ladies. At least, you know to show the right side of me;-). I happy for any support or experiences I can help you with. Thanks as always for the kind words my dear.

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