Eye See


I see absolutely everything.

The words are everywhere.   The cameras are everywhere.   The buzz and mechanical clicks of their motion resonates.   No one sees them.  We aren’t really sure who “them” are anymore.

The shadows have become endangered.   Bright lights fill the building.   The eyes are watching.   The secure feeling was the first casualty of home security policies.   Any hand that goes unseen is resolved.   The spies relay a message. The questions are asked.   The whole operation slows.  Everyone else states when you return.  

The buzz and clicking of the cameras.   The eye sees absolutely everything.

“Ok,  sir go ahead with your order” outside a speaker crackles unaware the eye sees absolutely everything.
Part of Monday’s Finish the Story, http://mondaysfinishthestory.wordpress.com


20 thoughts on “Eye See

    1. It amazing just how many cameras are out there. Then everyone’s cell phone is out there too. The term “I” maybe stretches the artificial intelligence to being alive


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