Fair Time

Best in show old singer seeing machine

Fair time has hit northern Ohio.   This means interesting things people display for hope of a colored ribbon.

This is a lamp!
Fair food will kill you!

We deep fry sandwiches, cheese, Oreo cookies. No butter Or kool-aid:-(


Local entertainers playing Japanese drums!

Let me out!
Hey, I'm gonna bit that kid if he comes back!

Livestock are always popular.  By no chickens, bird flu?


Magic shows on the midway.   Juggling fire, chain saws,  and balls.


Crowd members get recuited for the act



Weapons! Need a gun, or rocket propelled grenade launcher!


9 thoughts on “Fair Time

  1. LOL… I’ll bit that kid if he comes back. That’s a good one!

    People getting ribbons for “junk they own” that’s an interesting concept. It seems to me that the people that made the item deserve the ribbon, not the owner.

    And seeing your photo of the juggler juggling his pins I cannot help but wonder if you took a photo of him juggling chainsaws. Or does everyone refrain from doing that in fear they will capture an amputation on film?

    ☀ Memee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grey chainsaw in twilight, or afraid he would throw it at annoying person you won’t put down his phone. Amputation would be awesome blog item! Kidding. Not really. The horse picture was unbelievable, it was like they were whispering in each others ear. .. I was guessing after hearing shrill screams of wild children. Thanks for read and comment.


  2. Grenade launcher, wooo! Some amazing pictures. Fried oreos hmm I want to try. First pic reminded me of my mom’s sewing machine which I have tried learning but failed lol. Oh and fun jugglers and shows. Reminds me of my visit to Key West. It was very festive there, loved it.
    Keep having fun,


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