Literary Lion Eye of Stranger


Literary Lion. I see you.

Good evening my writing lions. It seems our little jar keeper has been watching me this week…

The word is ‘eye’.

You have a week to craft your tales of ‘eye’, in 400 words or less. Remember to pingback to this post, include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ so we can find all your posts in the WP reader, and of course give me a shoutout on Instagram and twitter….

Mandy woke.   Her head thronged.  Tossed like a sack in the back of an old car.  Her blouse no longer the crisp purple it started out as.   Her whereabouts a mystery.   The city grew on the left side and yes of a large park to the right.

Last night fades from her.   There were always drinks.  Was it a new man?   Did she make the scene again? Her friends told her before that she pushed everyone out.

A simple plan.   Find where is here.   Get home. Her red clutch squeezed under the seat.  The small car fought her for it.   The rear view mirror missing in action.  She was hoping for one through with a brush and looking passible.
Opening the car to the outside world, a small cafe presents itself a block away.   She makes a straight line for it.   A thin crowd passes each other on the sidewalk.   The people are starting at her.  Long enough to make eye contact, but doing it quickly.  

“Oh, good.  Coffee shop.  Butter Pecan Praline Muffins!”  Her gaze turns to the reflection.

Her hair is passible.  But the blouses lower half is blood red.  Her skinny jeans have the same red streaks.  What did I do?

“Miss,  It’s ok.   Come with us.   Your here to help you.” One of two police try to talk like you would to a psychopath.

15 thoughts on “Literary Lion Eye of Stranger

    1. Hmm I’m not sure. I had the phrase “eyes of a stranger” I’m mind. She didn’t seen like serial killer material. So “lost time” person is great. You can tell both reader and the character about the character at the same time.

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