“Sleep.  Got to close my eyes and sleep!”  Gloria stares at ceiling.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, goes the ceiling fan.  A truck drives down the street.  Boom, chuck hole three driveways down.  Truck engine growls back up in speed.

Flop to the left, flop to the right.  Left knee is sticking to right shin.  Move to back.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Next day, the doctor gives her a trial pack of green pills.  

“I don’t care about side effects.  In the morning, I’m driving, working living half asleep!  Doc, just a trial.  Ok?”  Gloria pleads.

Night comes.  The first pill goes down.  Tick, tick, tick… One hour later.  Sweet sleep.

Boom!  Rattled awake, Gloria about spills her coffee.

“What the hell!  I’m still driving in my sleep!”

A caffeinated Gloria reads the label.  There’s that green moth again.

12 thoughts on “Luna

  1. That was scary! I laugh about the green moth because of the green butterfly on the television commercials for that sleeping aid. (I forget the name of it). I think that is what you were referring to. LOL! Great story!

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