Camera Lucida- Journey

‘Camera Lucida’ – Journey
by Julia
Welcome to week #6 of Camera Lucida Photo Challenge
Journey ( Colour )
Journey ( Colour )

This week’s theme: Journey
Middle English: from Old French jornee ‘day, a day’s travel, a day’s work’ (the earliest senses in English), based on Latin diurnum ‘daily portion’, from diurnus (see diurnal).

1 – An act of travelling from one place to another

1.1 – A long and often difficult process of personal change and development

“Angel came down from heaven yesterday.
Stay me long enough to rescue me.
Told me a story yesterday, about the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea.
Then she spread her wings high over me.
She said she gone, now come back tomorrow.”
Angel by Jimi Hendrix

A journey must start somewhere…

What are you doing with that suitcase??!!

Sneaking out the door is not always an option.

“Fly on my sweet angel” (chorus of above song)

Stay in a strange place.

Face the coming dawn. …

Plan an important meeting to get the day flowing.

Find food!

Then wander in the wilderness


Once your day underway. Take plenty of pictures in case you don’t come back!

Drink plenty of fluids.


Chase the last light of day!

Look for night life.

Where's mine?

Double check the list of souvenirs!

And dream of next journey. ..


27 thoughts on “Camera Lucida- Journey

    1. No he freaks out when he sees boxes or suitcases. I travel four or five times a year. He crawls inside them.I think he wants to go. But the picture with the empty box he had the greatest expression on his face

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  1. What wonderful memories you have captured. I have to say I love your cat…those pictures are the best…especially the first one…it’s like WHAAAT…Love the captions for each pic too!!


    1. It’s pieces of several trips. Find a national park and get “lost”. Nature is best seen in person. Any part of country will do. Check, enter your state Give me an idea of where and I’ll find you a place safe for kids

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t have to think. Texas is huge state. But Big Bend National Park is one of the greatest places in this country. It’s desert and millions of acres. Lots of variety. They rent Roosevelt cabins. It a private cabin that overlook the ring of mountains that make the park up. Its an oasis in the sky. Easy drive an moderate walks can be done. Of course, South Padre Island by Corpus Christi is 73 miles of beach you can drive in car.

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      2. South Padre island is literally park your car and claim your section of grey beach. Yo Ebert the gulf of MeXico on a gentle slope. You can be fifty to seventy feet in before it gets waist deep. Great seafood!

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      3. Nice, well I can’t say the same. For one, I haven’t lived anywhere else which looks more happening and fun like LA, Chicago, NY which I can’t wait to move to; two, I don’t like extremely hot weather here

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      4. I have had a block on the finish it this week. It’s too close to an earlier one. Maybe today. Just one of those blah writing things. Thanks for looking. I’m read yours in a bit. Maybe I’ll trigger an idea or two. 😀

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  2. Hello:)
    Your post made me smile and I can’t stop!
    Thank you for your entry this week…I really loved how you’ve shared a personal experience with pictures…great journey/holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

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