The silent hunter

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“Those who have never seen a leopard under favourable conditions in his natural surroundings can have no conception of the grace of movement, and beauty of colouring, of this the most graceful and the most beautiful of all animals in our Indian jungles.”  (Jim Corbett. 1944)

Leopards are beautiful creatures. Their sleek, slender bodies move with an elegance that is matched only by the most skilled ballet dancer. They appear to move effortlessly, with their big soft paws almost gliding from the ground to the air with each step. They move with grace. And in pure silence. All felids are supreme ambush predators. Leopards are the top cat.

I was inspired to write this post by an intriguing enquiry a couple of years ago. Working in a museum, I am lucky to have fascinating specimens brought in for identification. And they are wonderful fun as I never know what…

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