August 8, 1786, the US congress declared a natural monetary system that declares the dollar to be our currency.   We used anything we could before.  Silver pieces called 8 reales from Spanish Mexico was preferred.   Silver was a valued commodity.   Paper money and tokens loosely called “colonials” had nothing backing their value.  So when times were bad print more money!  They were worthless at most times.   But silver and gold, always sparkle in our hearts.

Above is a small showing of dollars.   All in silver and one in gold.   The bills worth the dollrs worth of silver to the bearer.  It says so under George!   But alas, those days are gone.   With a couple Morgan dollars (engraver’s name), with a heads or tails view (yes that’s where it came from) and a wee bit of gold.  Our dollar through history and my coin collecting budget.

Money used to look good

Happy Dollar Day!   Now show George and his friends some love.  Buy something, because we all know it’s the American Way!  Raising a glass in effigy, the later toast will come with alcohol the other tender at the time.

The little gold has a hole. This was where we get the phrase “tighten your purse string”. Coins were stung and worn as necklaces or clutched in pockets.


In a quest for the next day of yore that needs publicity…

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