finish It #26 – It Could Happen Anywhere

Here is another intro for my Blog Event ‘Finish It’. You can find the rules here. In short: Just finish the story. No deadline. And if it doesn’t inspire you, there are 25 other intros sitting there and waiting for you 🙂
She could feel the blade of the knife on her neck while he pulled her into the bush. She had not seen or heard him. He came out of nowhere. Keep calm! She had to keep calm. What did they teach them again? Her heart was pounding while she was trying hard to remember what they told them to do in such a situation. His breath was heavy, his grip firm and seemed strong and calm. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it.
Please continue..

Gloria leaned forward. Attempting to keep her feet on the ground. He forcibly swung her to the ground. The knife tettering on her skin. Quietly making her with a thin line of blood. Her crash was followed a hard landing by her attacker. The landscape was a cove of shrubs. Light and vision of the outside world struggled to make it through.

“I’m going to taste your fear. The harder you breath, the more I like it. I want you to feel everything before life leaves your body.” His sift vice adding an extra side to her soul.

His arm grabs her firmly up against his body pinning her and keeping the knife locked in her neck.

“So what should we do first?” He chides her.

Face first in the ground, she raises her body up against his. He pulls her up toward his waist. With a flailing kick she hopes to spin him off her. It falls. She dps back down.

“Ok, one more time. Gloria keep your feet this time. If he throws you push up and kick away. Pretend it’s your life!” The instructor sets up the drill once more.

14 thoughts on “finish It #26 – It Could Happen Anywhere

    1. It was drawing me to a much worse place but word count issues. Thanks. It ready seemed like a prefect set up with her trying to remember what to do. In real life, you react for good or bad. Things martial arts class teach.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I agree. Also, I couldn’t come up with story, then I read yours and that kept on my mind. So until now nothing new has hit me, so its still incomplete.


      2. I know it’s more difficult some times then others. You do well with the prompts. I have my share of moments after I hit publish too. You deserve the support. Even if it comes from the shadows;-)


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