The Noble Weed


The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive. Surprising enough crushing seeds, and a vodka bottle later, the mind cried out for assistance. Its toxins racing through open veins with flames erupting at every joint in the body. It was just a crystal bottle marked vodka, placed with water next to it. They always went for the vodka.

Joseph looked a the paper. Shrugged and returned a distaining glance at the Prosecutor.

“What would you like us to do? Let them go back to the rat’s shit hole. When they come back with bigger deadlier explosives maybe they have your address instead. Bleeding hearts. You want to be safe. But don’t like the price of business!”

29 thoughts on “The Noble Weed

      1. You can call it brandy all you like, I call it Czechoslovakian moon shine. Best shared with friends around a camp fire, and straight from the bottle. Always interesting to see who ends up in whose tent. >:-)

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    1. Well,,. it would have been better if I got the quote correct… that’s what happens when I try to remember without enough coffee! “They always went for the vodka.” “Much better line than my botched quote!!!!

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    1. If you were locked up, why wouldn’t you self medicate? I have a lovely gimpson weed for feet tall in my back yard. The blooms make them unique before the thorny seed pods come


      1. Ooohhh…Painful. I was looking at the first crop of nuts on my hazelnut bush, and got fingers loaded with stickers that were impossible to see. The nightshade does some stuff. On potatoes, you should not eat any potato that is green and at all costs remove the eyes from potatoes or you will be very ill….

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