Reblog -Rubber Duckies Story

Every once in awhile the inbox has really interesting stuff. ..

13 thoughts on “Reblog -Rubber Duckies Story

    1. They never made it here. But it would be great to have picture of it. I can’t imagine someone stabbing it over and over. I had to pass this one on, when else could I title something with rubber duckies?


      1. With the title I thought the post is about some scary thriller from you lol.
        It is sad how people just get their frustration out on innocent things. So much negativity in the world😕

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      2. I’m sad I didn’t think of a rubber duck attacking a city! Maybe a fifty foot Disney princess, hmm. Ariel becomes an addict on human growth hormone. … This could work! Stay tuned


      3. Hahaa I’m laughing out loud at you idea, you’re too funny. Well, I can imagine a troops of smuggling under the wings of that rubber ducky😏lol!


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