Finish It #25

Finish It! #25
by authorsbmazing
She was looking around, scanning the surroundings like a hawk. Where did they go? They knew not to just walk off and both of them were old enough to not just leave. She only turned around for a short moment, trying to see if the guy she thought was following them was still there. And now they were gone. The panic started growing. What if?

Please continue….

Two bikes still leaned against the tree. Gilbert and Sally wanted to see the dog in the yard. It gave Olivia a chance to get a look at him. One hand fished for the phone in her purse. He was getting closer. On third right turn, she noticed him. The cap tight against sunglasses. Bits of hair was only way thing she could make out. If she could get a picture of him was all she thought.

“Gilbert! Sally! Get back here!”the controlled mom voice rings out. A slight flutter in the end being the closest to sign of weakness.

The man she watched disappeared right before they did. What to do? Panic was talking. The dog was gone. The kids were gone. But it was the guy disappearing. …

Olivia runs to the house. Thirty feet but closer to a mile in distance. The screen door hung tattered. The doorbell fails. Banging her hands on the wooden frame echoes in the house.

“Hang on! I ain’t buying nothing! If that’s what you’re after just leave!” A grumpy voice calls out from the dark interior.

“My kids were petting your dog. I think they let him off the leash. They run around the corner! Did you see them?” She tried to sound in control.

The blue ball cap comes into focus. Her heart slams into the ground. How? Why?

“It’s you! Why? There just little kids!”

“Mom, why don’t you come in and get them!”

She throws the door open. It’s the last thing she remembers.

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