Cheese, Please


In a tiny little town on the Ohio and Indiana border is the secret to a happy life. Natural cheese! Yes, in it’s dairy goodness lies all you need to feed body and soul. Ok, most of what you really want to feed your body. It’s loaded in protein, and the fat part makes it easier to eat and taste better. This is an Amish area with grass fed cows.


Painted as any tourist trap should be. Meaning as unnatural as possible, It’s dark grey exterior makes the word cheese visible from about a mile out. It’s in farm country, no farmer would pay for this color! The Amish farms that supply the cheese blend in to the landscape. Some even have electric lines going to the house. Only the livestock and buggy by a barn let’s you know who is who.

These people don’t but into organic. They raise their livestock as simply as possible. No hormones make it into the cheese. It would ruin their rep doing their people. A much stronger symbol than a green organic circle. If you made it yourself is the only way it’s fresher or better.

First you need to grab the door handle. It’s the metal sleeves from a milking machine. The place has cream separators inside. Butter churn, too! Although modern, they have displays to let you walk by the old equipment. An occasional person tells you about how they work. I had mom with me for that.

But we are here for cheese. Counting flavors means realizing there are fifty kinds of cheddar. Mild and sharp don’t with well here. Jalapeno and chive flavored do! Several standard cheeses occupy shelves with flavored or blended cheese. Cheese curds if you like you cheese a week old. Others go a little more time up to about six months. No two year old cheddar blocks that you could use as a hammer, unfortunately.

Butter Kase is about the creamiest thing possible. It’s starts with heavy cream. If you stuff peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, ravioli, or anything you want to have solid cheese taste, try this stuff. You can eat it with crackers or make gourmet grilled cheeses. But dream big here people.

Grass fed munster is another rare treat. If you buy cheese sliced and prepackaged, you never had munster cheese. This is way past deli cheese. Again excellent cheese for stuffing, Mac&cheese, secret ingredient to best grilled cheese ever.

Then I’m experimenting with flavors. Really a cheese with blue cheese, feta, and cheddar! Heart be still. Ok after I eat all this cheese it might be. But my salad that looked so healthy, now it tastes good too! This may not melt as well as others but three tastes fur the price of one!

I’m left with chipoltes cheddar. Mexican night will be featuring some stuffed poblano peppers! Tacos and quesadillas well be dressed up. But these is a decent cheese ti graze on. A little heat but not any after taste of pepper.

There’s still a hundred reasons to go back. And plenty of parking too!


13 thoughts on “Cheese, Please

    1. Darling, it’s different. But so close to our “normal”. Another uncle acts as a taxi for the Amish. I have been in their homes. Take away the faucet from you sink. If you have a large table in a dining room replace it with a large wood burning stove. The common areas are open. No clutter ever. The whole extended family meets you. The eldest male interviews you. But there are places like Amishville (in Berne, Indiana), you visit abd see how things are done and eat a banquet meal with fifty to hundred people. There are not trusting of strangers but exceptionally polite

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      1. Thats an exciting glimpse to them. Okay Amishville, I will visit you soon. It’ll be like how our elderly generations have lived which I have always wished to experience. Well, someday yes someday!! 😃😃

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      2. Other life styles are very interesting. The stupid little things we don’t think about are really interesting. Amish don’t use carpeting because no electricity makes a vacuum cleaner had to use. But they almost all have cell phones. They charge them at work sites or “English people’s” houses.


      3. I told you it’s the same just different. They travel by van and pay cash, but can’t own equipment or car with engine. I don’t know about an electric car picked up at “English house”. But cell phones with no wire plugging it in is accepted


      4. Actually, when I got to my aunt and uncle’s house, Uncle Dean said “we going to see some Amish about a trip.” So my cultural experience was born. Uncle Dean is a reformed bad ass, so I smiled and said went visiting. I picked up everything from a couple of visits.

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      5. He’s a likable old cuss. Just was extremely intense at times. When your a local, they know your history. As an outsider, they know my dad and family. If I become a farmer there it won’t work. He could do almost anything because they know him.

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