My Left Eye

I see her there before me.  She’s average build with soft brown hair. Seems distracted, unsure of her presence.  Her red  top the baby doll sleeves make her stand out in the crowd.  I didn’t know when I arrived but now I know this is why I came here. The park setting is perfect hunting grounds.  The wide open bend in the river sets up a circle of lush grass.  Trees form a smile on the parking lot side.  Kids plays areas make out eyes on the face, merry -go-round and swing set sit empty today.

My park bench sits on far left.  It gives instant view of the approaching people.  All shapes and sizes blend.  Colored shirts and pants create the effect of a rainbow cast hopelessly in a blender.  But one color jumps out of the crowd, red.  

He remembers her.  As a college kid she was unattainable.  She was a glowing specimen of female form.  Her curves perfectly placed.  Her soft voice and mannerisms created an inviting situation.  He knew how she did it.  In the group of students, he knew she had favorites.  He knew if he ever got her alone, without the teacher position she had over him…. It was destined to work.  Those eyes that talked to him about what they both felt.  Words she had to use to keep their secret safe.  But today, there was no one but them.  The people around them knew nothing about their story.  They never would.  He had to live in the shadows for now.  His left eye narrows as he sees her.  In that eye, he sees their future together.  

She turns to the water.  Never letting on to the future that never was destined to exist.

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