Time Stops


Tick, tick, tick….

The watch, sight unseen, keeps the pace of the world.  On the floor beside her, the very evidence of which time has left her behind.  The pool of red darkens.  Breaths get shallow.  The swirl of life fades in the eyes that sparkled moments ago.

A secret admirers gift.  A small box with the most lovely and rich dark purple paper.   A tag in the form of an unicorn.   Colorized version on the one at her right wrist.   The mystery person knew her.   Might have known her body.  

“This is beautiful!  I wonder who it’s from.   My tattoo!   Oh who could you be from?!”  The thrill and excitement run through her like a lightning bolt.

Tossing the keys on the table, she grabbed scissors to keep the paper.  It was such lovely paper.  The box was enough to fill both hands.  It was plain white, taped over several times.  This was a puzzle now. 

“Hmmm.   Do I need to work at you? Maybe will give you a shake.”

The package gets really warm.  A quick pop.  Sharp pain up against her stomach.  A flash of light.  Fading vision catches words under tape….from his wife.

8 thoughts on “Time Stops

    1. These are the fun ones. She looked dead, so how did she get there? The no watch and tattoo part spoke to him a couple voices in my head. What’s more terrifying someone else knowing a tattoo week enough to copy it or an unseen assailant?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. She looked dead! So it was most interesting way ti get here to that place. Thanks for read and comment. That’s the end I wanted, just a touch of wow and she deserves it


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