Camera Lucida – Rose

‘Camera Lucida’ – Rose
by Julia
Welcome to week #2 of Camera Lucida Photo Challenge!

This week’s theme: Rose
1 a prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers, native to north temperate regions and widely grown as an ornamental.

2 [ mass noun ] a warm pink or light crimson colour

Give us your best interpretation of ‘Rose’!
… might that be a beautiful red flaming rose; a warm pink fragrant candle; a white rose petal resting on the sidewalk; your favourite rose colour fashion piece…or just a snapshot your multi-colour rose garden.
Tell us the story behind the image…is it a memory or a sudden emotion!?
How to join us?

Follow your host and share each week your own vision of the theme.

Create a new post with the title CAMERA LUCIDA followed by the theme name.

So I’ll start with a rose.  A knockout rise who got almost knockout by last winter.    This is the last sprig.


By a rose by color, not flower.  Well I ran through the crayola box of pinkish.  My baby hibiscus isn’t pink but his pot sharing manadovela is


The Echinacea wants it moment in the sun as well


Dahlias in two tone cone closest to rose in my biased color vision


HERE BE THE DRAGONS! (Oh snap..dragon)


Treed a bigger hibiscus in the right shade


But lets face it a rose by any other name, would be laughable.



7 thoughts on “Camera Lucida – Rose

      1. Great…just to let you know, you uploaded your entry from last week to the exhibition:)
        You can leave it and if you want upload the rose post as well:)


      2. Creative, definitely! Although, nothing can replace Rose… I find it the most beautiful, and elegant. And it’s hard to keep this plant fresh and alive. I have killed many of those plants, sadly.

        Liked by 1 person

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