OWPC-Flood and the Vernal Pond

One Word Photo Challenge this week brings us the weather phenomenon of flood…


After one of the start June’s and a bunch of rain in July,  I went to visit the local vernal pond.  It’s more of a swamp most of the year.   Spring brings it back to life as a pond,  hence Vernal Pond.  If your a snapping turtle, snake, frog, or mosquito it the equivalent of spring break.  If you’re flesh and bone, you are welcome to the party too.   There’s an entrance fee.

Normally, this time of year it’s a mud pit.   Today’s it’s about 150 feet by 250 feet.  The grass grows where the edge was the weeks ago.


But it’s not all bad. Here’s a nice visitor from The swamp.  My big book had failed to provide a name for his kind but looks similar to some spinx myths. Later properly identified by #Maesha-Ms Nightshade, as a Little Virgin Tiger Moth. In his camera shy mode, the Orange under wings and body are hidden.   Yes a bug with body image issues!


9 thoughts on “OWPC-Flood and the Vernal Pond

  1. We have a vernal pool on our wooded property. It is being studied by the local university to see what still remains after three decades in which it dried up more every year. But, I still look forward that first spring day each year when all the peepers wake up and begin their croaking chant announcing the official end of winter.

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    1. By the house, I have peepers and another tree frog whose tadpoles have all changed over. They make cute polly wags, when they have tails and look like a miniature frog


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