Camera Lucida – enchanted


Part of a photo challenge ti match the theme
This week’s theme is: Enchanted

under a spell; bewitched; magical
utterly delighted or captivated; fascinated; charmed
How can you capture ‘enchanted’?

Ok this is my enchanted picture.   The Oregon coast is special.  The haystack is the largest one of these rocks floating in the surf.   The water crashes on all sides.   It speaks in tones that resonant through you.


21 thoughts on “Camera Lucida – enchanted

      1. That’s what I started doing here. Then I found out flash fiction was really fun. But I’m heading to Grand Canyon through Phoenix in September. Pics and sights will be detailed. I like to go out of way places.

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      2. It’s southern New York along Pennsylvania border. I have pics from two years ago. But this won’t let me add them. Once I’m smarter then the phone I’ll send one or two

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