Birthday Flights of Fancy


Delphine always wanted to pilot her father’s plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy. The way to the field would be a problem.  But it was her chance to fly.  Her little princess bike would take an half hour to get there.

Dad left to get something.   So she had to hurry.  It will be so neat.  She’s a big girl, now.
Three streets away she meets up with Paula. 

“I’m going to fly my dad’s plane.   You want to come.   You have to be like an adult.   They’re serious at the field.   We can’t ride every ppb the side.  I’ll show you.” Delphine explains her plan.

“I’m afraid of heights! You won’t get me in a plane!  They won’t let you in anyway.   Your still a kid, until your like 16.”  Paula is dismissing the whole thing.

“Fine, I’ll wave to you as I fly over your house. I’m going! ”

Byers Field is a long street away.   Delphine pushes her bike uphill.   Her mission is almost complete.   Only the gate is in her way!

“Hello, little girl!” Reggie, Security man greets her.

“My dad is waiting for me!  He’s gonna fly me for my birthday, Reggie.  I’ll get to pilot it, too.  He said so.”  Delphine knows he’ll let her go.

“Darling, your daddy is right over there.  Have fun!”  Reggie points out the family car.

“Daddy!” She yells.  “You forgot the keys! “

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