A Southern Storm

There a difference when 90 degree heat and humidity get together.   The storms create wild clouds, colors that don’t look natural and lightning thst warns of the onslaught.


This is almost an hour before sunset!

10 thoughts on “A Southern Storm

  1. I am deathly afraid of thunder storms. I hate hate hate them. There is no romance there, and never will be. F4 tornado 1985. Green sky. 2×4’s, plywood and card board boxes falling from the sky as I delivered my newspapers. It’s an experience I never want to have ever again. When I see this image, I think basement basement basement!!!

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      1. One of my friends brothers was killed. I suppose if I was going to go, a telephone through the van I was in would be some serious street cred. in heaven.

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      2. I didn’t think there’s a good way to go. Enough under best of circumstances, there’s always something you could miss out on. Taken out in a van? Better things than a telephone ti take one out


  2. That’s an alien invasion, by the time you’ll read this(or if you did) you will be turned into an alien yourself 😂😂😂
    Gigantic cloud and an amazing shot. Good post

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