10 thoughts on “A Southern Storm

  1. I am deathly afraid of thunder storms. I hate hate hate them. There is no romance there, and never will be. F4 tornado 1985. Green sky. 2×4’s, plywood and card board boxes falling from the sky as I delivered my newspapers. It’s an experience I never want to have ever again. When I see this image, I think basement basement basement!!!

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      1. One of my friends brothers was killed. I suppose if I was going to go, a telephone through the van I was in would be some serious street cred. in heaven.

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      2. I didn’t think there’s a good way to go. Enough under best of circumstances, there’s always something you could miss out on. Taken out in a van? Better things than a telephone ti take one out


  2. That’s an alien invasion, by the time you’ll read this(or if you did) you will be turned into an alien yourself 😂😂😂
    Gigantic cloud and an amazing shot. Good post

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