Blue House


The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached. Summertime was prime time. The sleepy town of Blue House was alive with tourist after tourist. All Charlie and Richie had to do is wait.

Across the street, Charlie’s sister ran a dinner called the Blue Bell. The beverage store was Richmond’s brother’s. The day was waiting fur a tourist to park abd walk somewhere else. Richie would tow it to Charlie’s impound lot. $200 cash each time.

“Charlie I’m calling Ohio. I’ll put a fifty on it. Where you taking?”

“Tennessee. … I’ll take Tennessee.”

They spin the top of a couple long necks and wait. One beer turns to six.

“Hell, we’ve been here half the day. We ain’t never getting any cash today. Why don’t we just take that one on the end” Richie pointing out a red car.

“Nah, as Mayor, ya know I can’t do that. Besides it from Ohio. You ain’t cheatin me out of a fifty that easy. ”

“Wait, that green one. They’re walking behind the building. Give em another minute and they’re cars hooked. Just like flys on shit.”

Richie runs high tailing towing it away. They’re missing money today.

When Governor Perkins found his prize restored Impaled gone. The would be hell to pay!


18 thoughts on “Blue House

      1. I travel four to five times a year. It’s a necessity if you prefer mom & pop places to chains. I’ve hiked in some places you can’t get to using normal maps. Younger workers are great at knowing what you can get away with😉

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