24 thoughts on “Monochrome

      1. The design school is the big huge block up on stilts. as well as the building underneath it. There are more buildings in the campus, but that is the main one. Anyways… doesn’t matter. Just a block.


      2. Front the other side of the school you can see a stair case running up the middle inside. It lines up with the CN tower. I think it looks like a big bug walking towards the city center. Bugzilla.


  1. I love it. Value and line take centre stage. I would argue a photo gains worth because I believe grey scale is less forgiving on composition. We rely heavily on deep engaging colour to add interest these days. The ease of digital and the ability to saturate otherwise unremarkable images has taken ‘the shot’ away. Anyways… this building is actually really interesting to me because it looks as though it was lifted(bumped or even sucked) out of the ground. I wonder how anyone gets to the underground parking anymore! HA! Imagine all the old abandoned cars below.


    1. There’s no room underneath. Well not for cars, maybe another story. …. The building is tough texture with rust on outside. Day time pictures are tough. Greyscale helped it by adding contrast


      1. Yup, bright sunlight is most difficult. Muted, overcast days bring out the best colour, and least amount of lost image data.


      2. Yup. Those are the best times. Some photogs say 2 hours before and after. that’s when the light is least direct.


      3. At least we know that I help strange men keep their hands clean. Wait… that wasn’t really me. Probably just a dream.


      4. Its all just a dream…until you grab a dog named “Toto”, click your red heels together and repeat “there’s no place like home”. Oops that’s a movie.;-)


      5. And Toto’s thinking, There’s no taste like bone… wait, that’s a whole other kind of movie.


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