Roy G Biv and his shy twin Vib G Yor. Rainbows and colors go hand and hand.   For daily post,  his today’s submission. .


Big Bend Texas.   On one side is seventy miles of rain, the other is dry.   If you drive long enough, you’ll find there is something besides a pot of gold at the end of some rainbows…..

24 thoughts on “ROY G BIV

  1. I’d love to visit the south western US some day. I’ve camped the east coast all the way down to Key West twice. And I’ve spent a few days on the Gulf Shore but have never been further than Alabama. For some reason I’ve just never been out there. What I would really like to see is San Fransisco. I want a really good excuse to put flowers in my hair 😉


      1. Yes. Twice. alligators, snakes, cormorants and tourists. .oh, my! Once you make peace with the mosquitos, it’s a lovely place. I rented a small boat and took a tour at water level. You couldn’t see anything until it wss in your face. What about you my dear? Do you havea fairy swamp, slog, mangrove?


      2. No I haven’t been. I did grow up next 56000 acres of carolinian forest though. The closest I’ve been to the swamp is a cedar bog. Ha! But when I was little, my family picked up a hitch hiker fellow who was on his way to the Everglades. He camped with us for a couple of days. I remember my mom and dad being in awe that he was headed there. They made him seem so daring and adventurous and I quickly had a young crush. I was so sad to find out he had a girlfriend. lol!


      3. It’s crazy but after you see a hundred alligators in a day, they are like pigeons. Well don’t try feeding them bread. The sit they and dead stare at You. On a boat they are more interested in you. Young hearts really swayed by adventure


      4. Why of all the smug things! Has anyone tried explaining to those gators that it’s not polite to stare? Yup, young hearts… I spent more time up in a tree growing up than I did anywhere else. Adventure right out the back door of the house for hours.


      5. Wonder if that would make a good story… Monday morning in New York city. Suddenly all pigeons find themselves transformed into the bodies of wee tiny little alligators… with wings.


  2. It would seem there are *two* leprechauns! One is apparently taking a nap in the trailer, and the other is out on a hike towards the mountains. Both bound to the heavens, exposed only by the rain. It’s a lovely shot. I’ve never been to Texas. The furthest west I’ve been that far south is Mobile, Alabama.

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    1. Great place to visit. There’s such a diversity ti the land. From beaches at Corpus Christi to Mountains in Big Bend. One and a half vertical feet between them. Almost every landscape, besides glacier and jungle. Big Bend National Park is favorite place I’ve ever been

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