Dark Places – Dark Side Thursday

Part of Dark Side Thursday writing. Showing a little dark side… ok maybe I’m lightening up. My favorite girl Rachel returns. ….



Every yard has its secrets.   Things even light barely touches. Mysterious but slightly inviting with door perched open.  It probably just for storage, but skeletons live outside of closets sometimes.  Oh wait, aren’t always kept in closets….

Happy tales begin with warm sunnier days, feelings of hope, a smile, a glance, chance encounters.

Two strangers. Dice rolled together. Mixing clumsy, an awkwardness, real plays out on stage of two and an audience of hundred nut paying attention.

Rachel backing out a door with two hands full. She’s striking in pale and auburn pulled back ponytail. To Reggie, she is striking by means of a glass door. His frap-mocha thing was strawberry, now it’s pink color on his white shirt.

“Oh no!” And “oh shit” dance in the air. Rachel is a natural wonder at people. Seeing a 6 foot two, man suddenly dressed in pink. This is suddenly the most hilarious sight ever. Laughing apologies.

Reggie is stunned. His drink was screwed up and now on his shirt. His temper was not well contained. “What the hell is wrong with you? It’s bad enough you dump it on me and you’re laughing at me? ! You stupid bitch! ”

Rachel is a little taken back. She’s running a solution through her mind. “Hey calm down. Accident. I get you another pink thing.”

Reggie is suddenly calm. Even looking at what who his yelling at. She’s not very threatening. “Sorry. . I’m an idiot… bad day before this. ”

He charms her into dinner. She’s even willing to cook for him. A non GMO, vegetarian, with tree nut allergies didn’t get these offers much.

Rachel is good at hiding intentions. She offered, felt a little strange afterward. Stranger coming to her place. But be had stirred some old feelings. A little bit of company would do wonders. Damn she might actually like him too.

The ride out to the country isn’t good for a nervous person. Reggie has always hated the outdoors with wild creatures every where. Buildings meant civilization. This girl wasn’t looking so good. Trees start to sway along roadside. A corn field runs beside him on both sides. He looks side to side. He has seen movies about theses kind of fields.

“Turn left in one hundred feet” his phone causes him to jump. It’s been twenty minutes since the concrete disappeared. He can see what looks like her house.

“What the hell? The house is half underground. A normal front but it hides most of the rest. To the side grown up fields and a garden. Other side corn field. “Oooh I’m not liking this….. damn she’s right there’s. I guess I have to go through with it.” Fake smile in place.

“Wow you’re really out of town. Do you want to hide from everyone? (nervous laugh) you don’t like hide bodies out here, do you?” Reggie is slightly shaking.

“If I show you where they are, you’ll have to join them.” Singing her words, Rachel discovers what feelings be really stirred. “Are you scared? If I told you I got over that phase, would it help? ”

“Ugh, I was joking. Just thought it was funny. Wow, your eyes are so green and intense.” Reggie is being led to the door.

“Seriously, out here it’s peace and quiet. No-one looking at what’s going on. No-one to hear you, week scream.” She’s playing with her words, slow, deliberate.

Once inside the door, Reggie relaxes. Rachel lifts her left arm plunging a blade into his shoulder blade straight through the heart.

“Ain’t love a many splendor thing. I guess you’ll join the party in the shed.”

Rachel thinks about the way things used to be too often. A cured vampire may lose taste for souls, but the thrill is still there. The thrill is still there.

The girl has a history:

6 thoughts on “Dark Places – Dark Side Thursday

  1. Awww, and now his shirt is stained red. I guess the dry cleaning bill doesn’t matter in the end. Lesson… don’t sweat the small stuff.


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