Focusing on front and side lighting.   Rather than actually planting them.   My collection of mini zinnas.   With a couple tiny friends, because bug shots and flowers go together.


From the side, shadows give some depth.  The little bee makes the flower so much larger.


Bright light washes out the leaves of half the tray.  And contrasts nicely with the shadow of someone holding camera.

8 thoughts on “Zinnas

  1. They really are pretty little sun flowers. Great in hot arid places. Daisy family! They put a smile on my face. 😀


    1. I’m picking up botanical interests. No tag so species info not there. They are so nice. Sparrows will eat the seeds in September while sitting on spent blooms


      1. I got a degree Biology but found I had no questions. So I did what is natural, I did a post-graduate diploma in information systems. Federal, Municipal, Private… self-employed. That’s been my career.


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