The Open End

Part of a daily post prompt. .

The road thru the woods was the greatest piece of asphalt ever laid down.  It’s curves hugged the edge of hills, it’s rolls dropped forty to fifty feet at a time.   Tunnels of trees lined long stretches with hints of fog that creep out on still nights.

It’s one of the nights.   The new moon casts no light.  There is no breeze.   Ghosts of fog slowly trust and raise.   Spirits of mist dance between the trees, occasional cruising the road drifting aimlessly.   The night is alive.   Critters bravely scurry under it’s warm blanket.

Shooting like an arrow.  A dash of silver splits the fog.   Rolling 70 mph, careening out of turns.  It’s engine tearing at the pavement.   The woods. .. oh the open road..  The first dip. .. The car floats above. .  Bouncing a soft landing.   A bigger drop awaits. .  Engine peaks… speeds clear 100…  The car drifts in the air.  The edge reaches and grabs tire.   The car disappears in the fog.

9 thoughts on “The Open End

  1. Into the swamp like an x-wing on tatooine. Looks like Luke has as much luck with cars as he does with space craft. ūüėČ


      1. Drive much he does not. Hmm, yes. Agree with you I do. And… warn you I do, a nerd in your midst there is. Be mindful of the force… of gravity.

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      2. Inertia, a body in motion will use least amount of energy to retain that motion. Gravity gave up at the top of the hill. I never mentioned the driver sex. Either way, …no, no, no, mmmm, Obi Wan, the force is not strong in this one.

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