The Runaway Yancy

It’s been two hours since her disappearance.   Her phone has thirty two missed calls, fifteen massages, and a half dead battery from internet searching.   The girl with raccoon eyes and perfectly done hair is still in shock.  Her “whose the stunning bride. .. this one! ” T- shirt is as out of place as she is.

The three searches have come up with the IRA.   From both sites she’s either part of a banking family or Irish terrorists.  “It would be so cool, if they mixed. … oh we can invest your money in building. …err think the city nect dir will have a big project after we blow up downtown.”  A girl’s thoughts can get vicious.

She had rolled into a new place.  A town where she’s a stranger.   Forgetting she’s a stranger to herself.  First step get rid of t-shirt.  The Goodwill store is the first stop.

After a chit chat, a girl can find a nice place and drink by the night at the Cat’s Cradle.  This is her new life fraught with danger and adventure.  

“Hell, yeah!  I can do this.   Beatrice Donovan would!   I can be anything I want now.” Defiantly she walks past the “No  Touching the Girls” sign.  She will take this town. 

Every trainwreck has a start:

5 thoughts on “The Runaway Yancy

  1. I love Goodwill. I rarely buy anything new. It always feels nice making use of someone else’s cast-aways. It always feels nice spending what things were worth when they were new. I’m cheap when it comes to clothing. Anyways… good for her… IRA or bust baby. Start floating bodies in the river Shannon.


    1. It’s a good place to find things. Comfort sometimes comes from things with a little wear and tear. She’s a rebel baby. .. at least for a couple words. ūüėČ Waking up one person and ending the day someone else did things to a girl;-)

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