Two Thirty

Mom looks over her daughter.   Her wedding gown glows white. Her hair auburn locks race down her back, lace ribbon does best to keep it together.

“Oh mom.    I’m sooo excited.   I didn’t think this day would ever come! ” Betty twisting left and right to make sure she’s prefect.

“There’s some things a mom needs ti tell a daughter on these days.”

“I’m thirty.   I think I know a couple things already. ” laughing her reply.

“No dear.  Your father said I couldn’t wait this long to tell you… well we had a bet on it.  You see. .. It’s kind of like this. .. you’re adopted.   Your name was Beatrice Donovan, and you’re about to marry your twin brother.  I think that about covers it. …  Wow,  I won a bet with your dad.”

“What? !  What are you talking about? !  Your joking? ! Beatrice? Not Betty? Wait a bet. … my wedding day. … you tell me this.   How could you let me may my brother!”

Mom’s dark set eyes look lost.   “Eek it’s not like we didn’t raise you.   Why tell you. .. do you know my grand babies will be best looking kids ever.   You are do happy together.   Why let a little thing come between you.” Soft tones try to explain.  “We were going to get a dog.  And this man Senn Fennel..I think,  gives us a beautiful girl.  Says paperwork was done and you were Betty Yancy.   And we are the Yancy’s.  So we kept you.  I’m so glad we got you instead of the dog.”

“MOM!  HELL YOUR NOT MOM!  Mu life. ..I don’t know who I am now.”  Running out of the room she’s crying.

13 thoughts on “Two Thirty

  1. It’s funny how innocent things become when the absurd gets unwound. I should like to take your statement, about normal characters being horrible, to heart.


  2. One good thing about it…she won’t have to worry about a child of hers having the crazy genes of her “so called..mother” since she is adopted! But she better fall in love with someone else and marry. Ha Ha..the dog placed in the story was priceless! 😄Great story.


    1. The dog was my favorite bit. The bet that she couldn’t tell before was second. I was sitting fur”what would Monte Python do?” When I find Beatrice again, I’ll mashed life better for her.


  3. How horrible! And if she’s marrying the guy, wouldn’t she have at least have met her in-laws before? I think I would’ve given the mom a good slap across the face for hiding such an embarrassing and awful secret. Good story.


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