Almost Three


The day we plan for …wedding day. The magic time was 3. Betty and Jonathon a pair of thirty year olds with 200 family, friends, and somebodies brought along. The church and tower filled to over flowing with teal and white.

The din of the crowd inside the church is almost overwhelming. The nervous group of brides maids look themselves over. They are giddy. In other room, the groom party is starting to celebrate early.

The preacher is lighting the candles. The photographers are digging in their positions. The organist starts to tap a couple of notes. Babies are starting to fuss. Time is crawling to 3pm.

From the back of the church, a door pops open. Jonathan is choking on anxiety. He’s making a run away attempt. This is just way too much.

“Oh my god! Betty… she’s gone. . How could she leave like this? ”

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34 thoughts on “Almost Three

  1. By the way, what/where is the building in your photo? From this perspective, it almost looks like a prison.


      1. Perhaps I see a prison because one of my friends stated on a number of occasions this weekend about how the institution of marriage is but that… a prison. Jokingly of course.


      2. Hah. Yes, I suppose. I wouldn’t know of either scenario. I strive to not know either.


      3. Marriage, there have a been a couple of close calls. Prison, I try very hard to be a law abiding citizen. I learned early on in life that it took very little for me to get caught when I tried to bend the rules. 🙂


      4. I’ve never even held a gun. The only time I’ve actually seen one is in the holster of a police constable. Well… I saw them carried by soldiers in Frankfurt airport, but otherwise… guns, no. Me no likey. Well… and good she hasn’t shot you… yet. Ha!


  2. People have a right to change their mind….but at the last minute! She has a problem! And now he does as well. Nice take on the prompt…time waits for no one.


      1. Fun story 🙂 I like the idea of their mutual cold feet being caused by some sort of mutual misunderstanding or miscommunication.


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