Rachel’s Dream

Some dreams end like a setting sun.  Some crash and burn, leave you with whiplash when reality jerks you away.   Once in awhile, they make you search every room of your house.

“It was you” Rachel’s breath is heavy, labored almost unsure it will be followed by another.

“Come out.  We can never forget each other! You bastard. … you bought me for ten years…. not a lifetime… it’s been four lifetimes.  I know you’re here!” In every room she screams this out.   Banging her hands on walls, pots, boxes, any loud noise to announce she is here.   Her presence couldn’t be larger as she storms about.

Her mind spins.   A dream, no dreams fade away quickly. The gossamer stands break the illusion from your eyes.  Dust in the wind falling faster and further the more you chase it.   The ghost has vanished.

Her mind clicks back the years. Dr Van Strip, she knew the stench. The memories that haunt, energize, agitate, swirl everything in her. Her family feel away, he pushed them off. Twenty pounds of silver… Her family gave her away. She was ten of thirteen kids. At twelve, she was one less mouth to feed.

Rachel sinks to the floor. Her memories of ten years as a servant, the nasty old doctor used every bit of her. She lost innocence but that was the easy part. She watched the death follow the good doctor. People feel sick and there he was. It wasn’t tell the fever took her, the dark secret came.

Dr Van Stroop spent a full ten years taunting his little Rachel. He took every advantage of her. Her life was better then a poor girl between swill farms on the Peidmont of Carolina. The ten year servitude period was coming to an end. He legally should set her free. But his kind doesn’t follow every rule of man. With a bite, she would be infected. She would choose to life his way or pass.

Her mind falls back to the worst thing she ever said “Please take away my pain.”

October 17, 1779. The last day she would walk the earth as a woman. That was the good doctor’s plan. Two hundred forty plus years later. .. Her pain is back. Stem cells changed her life. But there’s a ghost chasing her.

“What happens if he catches me? Oh, God. Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone. ..” He voice and her fall flat to the floor.

Rachel’s dark secrets. …

17 thoughts on “Rachel’s Dream

  1. I liked this. Poor Rachel, bad enough having your parents sell you to someone like him. Terrible enough of a life and scared enough of death to let him make her a vampire. Though he’s dead, she’s haunted and the memories still assault her. I’m glad she’s human again, from the stem cells (I think I read that one) and hope she finds a way to survive and live with those harsh memories.. Maybe so can be happy for once? Going back to read the other parts.

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    1. This is an older story. I got into a vampire story exchange. While looking for pieces I hit the “press this” button. I’m looking at reworking some things and never thought about this series for a while. I left it hanging. maybe I’ll give her an ending. ūüėÄ


      1. I think you should. Sometimes it’s good to go back, you find new angles on pieces and think of new ideas, now with more experience behind you. Excellent though, I like this character!

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  2. This seems to be the end of the Rachel stories. I’ve clicked through and read them all, and yet there seems to be room for more. How will she survive as a human being. Presumably she has to eat, pay rent, buy clothes. She may be well over two centuries old, but life as a vampire probably hasn’t prepared her for this eventuality.

    Planning on writing any more of these, or did I miss some?

    Oh wait! I found another. The pingbacks are hard to organize.

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      1. OK, I read them all. There’s still a lot of territory to cover. A cured vampire that still has a taste for murder.

        I went back and looked and so far, I’ve written eight “Sean Becker” stories starting with Even Coffee Doesn’t Help last October. Originally, it was just a short one-off, but then I realized there was a lot I could do with this guy.

        At the end of “Coffee” is a link to the next story, and then at the end of that story, a link to the next one, and so on.

        Warning, my stories are generally longer, much longer than yours, so the series will take more than a few minutes to go through. If you want, proceed at your own leisure.

        I wrote the most recent one last December 29th. What happens when a vampire falls in love…with another vampire? He’s got a lot of territory to travel between “Coffee” and “The Lady by Night”.

        Let me know what you think.

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