Weekend Cruise

With the help of amommasview, https://amommasview.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/i-challenge-you/, following is based on the idea: take one of these prompts and run
Discover, Coastline, Hidden Treasure,  Make Something of Yourself, Sassy, and Love Dancing.

Keeping with what you should have figured out from my blog.   Coloring outside the lines is what I do. …

South Point, Hawaii

Chris and Chrissie were at the drained marriage part.   Life was a struggle.   Minor details became battlegrounds.   Chris figured a way to cure their martial ills. 

“The Hawaii Discover the Coastline cruise!  Look at the picture on the brochure.  Yeah! A mai tai.  Best food ever!  No-one loses weight on a cruise.  I’m telling you.   Chrissie we need this.” He was smiling, years of smile rust flaking off type of smile.

“We don’t have the money!   You get this stupid ideas all the time.  I have to be Debbie Downer.  No no no no no, all I get to say is no! Did you find any hidden treasure chests?  You know this is why daughters should listen to their mom.  Here I am, mom.   You were so right! ” the tone is getting worse.

“Ms Sassy.  You forgot to let me finish.  You love dancing.  We can dance.   And the sunsets are going to be awesome.” He’s just going on, maybe he never spotted..

“You are incredible! Did you hear a single thing I said? !”face turning a red only husbands see “we can’t afford it!  That’s it…  end of discussion. ”

“Ok.  Then I’ll just won’t cash the lottery ticket in.  You probably didn’t hear me say we win yesterday, did you?  But hey look at the sunset. .” Chris continues


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