In to the woods – Strange Vistors

Part of a Literary Lion – into the woods

The woods that rise above Fontana Lake have long held secrets. Some of them secrets predate the lake itself. The locals have noticed an uptick in strange comings and goings on. 

Digital journalists Erratic and Fuzzy go out to latest sighting.   Smart phones, sound amplifiers, remote cameras, plaster casting material and the such all in tow hoisted on a drag cart.   Not quiet but leaves light trace of their passage.   Never want the trackers to be, well tracked.

Close to the lake is small clearing,  couple hundred yards wide and long.   Good place for camera trap.  Leading along woods edge is a set of ATV tracks.   The intrepid pair notes direction and depth.  Could be pot growers. ..popular side business in Appliacha.    Could be poachers looking to bring down extra deer.  They find out.

Right quick cones a sound.   Someone had taken a log and bangs it against a tree.  Several seconds later come a response.   Tree knocks popular communication means through valleys.   Directional clues to other half of party must likely. But only one ATV track.   This means trouble in the hills.

Fuzzy recommends following the trail. Get idea of type of people they are dealing with.   The pair has no gun.   Others probably would.   The path is likely going to an old logging road.  Used in the forties, these ain’t tourists.  The query is seriously trying to hide activity.

First glimpse comes quick.  The group in ATV are heading their way.  Drawn out accents from neighbouring states fill the air.

“Randy, over here.   Them Bigfoot are closer then we thought.   Them tree knocks are just over the hill.  (Pointing behind them).  Looks like the other party might be cut off.” Skeeter yells about ten feet over to Randy.

“Y’all remember last year. Two of ’em, right in this very spot.  They have a village.  Kind of a trade route here.  We think.”

Erratic and Fuzzy look at each other in awe.   “What kind of shit is this, Fuzzy? Can’t these people stay on their side of the hill.  Every damn spring. .. The idiots roll into our land.  Hey, let’s go throw bullets down the hill at them.   Make it reality tv for them.”

Erratic is more than happy to chase of the people again.

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