Sushi – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Rosie’s Slotted Spoon needed a redo. The tired dinner held down by decades old decor, menus, and slowly the walker crowd was thinning out. Billie hated the place. He owned it but hated everything about it. All he liked was the relaxing fish. He would sit at table by the door.

His nephew had failed out of cooking school. Today, Billie turned over the grill and the menu. Russell was bright eyed. His heart rise at the chance to make a difference. Sushi would be first blue plate special!

Billie hated it. A couple of customers ordered it right away. Then more. Billie was talking to new people.

“Uncle.. We need more fish the tank is empty.”

(115 words)

23 thoughts on “Sushi – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

    1. Thank you for those kind words. I hope to do just enough to paint then in your mind. Normally I slightly alter them in future. This theme was fun but short lived. Things shrub for read and comment

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  1. I hope Billie didn’t have a pufferfish in his aquarium – with Russell’s failure at cooking school I doubt he’d be able to avoid poisoning all their customers! Good story. 🙂


  2. Poor Uncle losing his beloved fish to his not so intelligent nephew. At least they tasted good to the customers.


  3. Oh my gosh he has been cooking the fish in the aquarium! LOL! It isn’t funny but it also is funny. I am afraid his uncle is going to kill him because the aquarium was the one thing he loved about the diner. Great story Mark!

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