Best River Views

The prefect trip along the Danube. The twenty year anniversary trip for Dale and Cecilia. Flying into Vienna. Drive for ten days, views, culture, food and the river.

The first couple days is all Vienna. Danube island, Vienna woods, canals and of course, the food. History and John Strauss provides another unexpected day. Dale remembers her interest in music. The buildings were Cecilia’s true love. The architecture varied in small areas.

Cecilia has been through the vacation thing before. We start with this and end with that.usually there’s no problem. As long as food is good and there’s a couple buildings and a little bazaar shopping. True culture is found in markets, not museums.

There are three more days, in Austria. Cecilia has lost her river and shopping. Dale is in heaven. Wachau Valley is a nice floodplain but pictures aren’t her trip. Cecilia is getting edgy.

“When we get to Budapest, don’t expect me to get in this car for at least two days” this is one line in three hours. Dale takes the que. Hungary is close thanks to a straight drive.

Dale being a smart man finds the Gresham Palace. Top place on the river. Best River Views possible is what the booking site says.

The palace is true spectacular. After an incredible dinner, they return to room. Dale is taking about all the this in Budapest to see.

The next morning Cecilia lays in bed. Dale looks at her “Ready to go?”

“Why the best river view is here.” Putting down the travel book.

4 thoughts on “Best River Views

  1. Morning, bed, in a foreign land. Lovely. Dale, put the coffee on and go back to your woman.


    1. Some people see big picture. It leaves so many little things out. Buildings last for years, moments are to be savored. I’m taking an intimate tour instead.


      1. “It takes one’s breath away to think what might happen to a town if the dormant energy of a single brick were to be set free… it would suffice to raze a city with a million inhabitants to the ground.” —Anne Michaels. Fugitive Pieces.

        Yes, buildings last for years. And the moments that occur within and around them need to be unpacked and detailed. Otherwise we’re not telling stories, we’re simply documenting events.


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