Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

My thanks goes to Nitin Chandran Nair, for this and other nominations. Nominations are validation of the ideas put on paper. It’s an honor to have someone appreciate what you do. As usual there are things to do here.

Here are the Rules this Award:
1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you wuth name and URL
2. Tell seven secrets of yours
3. Further nominate 15 bloggers

My Seven Secrets:
1. I have always made up stories about random people
2. Getting around rules has been more fun then following rules
3. Very few people actually know my history
4. I’m a cat person. (Not coerced by four cats surrounding me, really)
5. My best pictures I have taken weren’t liked at first.
6. I have ran a seminar with 8 speakers and 400 people in attendance.
7. I was paid to wear tiger striped pants and sing ($50, beer and a lifetime of shame tales)

My Fifteen Nominations:
1. Priceless Joy – Http://
2. Jessie – Http://
3. Izzy Grabs Life – Http://
4. Skyllairge – Http://
5. Afairymind-
6. John Yep –
7. Amommasview –
8. SmileylikeImeanit –
9. Dave Parkinkspot –
10. HumaAq-
11. Ericcantu –
12. Sonya –
13. Jennifer Nichole Wells –
14. The crafty lady in combat boots –
15. Ipekseyhan –

This is not an all inclusive list of those who deserve ti be nominated. I thank anyone who takes time to read and comment. The people who follow me are greatly appreciated. Maintaining all of you is something that improves my stories.

6 thoughts on “Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the Versatile Blog Award! And, thank you for nominating me. It is an honor and a pleasure. At the present time I am unable to post any awards. I am out of town two and three days a week and have limited amount of time for posts. I do appreciate you thinking of me for this award.


      1. You might want to do at your all award nomination posts, if you want!
        Btw you are awesome and well deserving of all awards. Congratulations and thank you soo much for thinking of me to be nominated:-)


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