Nomination for the Creative Blogger Award


First and foremost, thanks to Nitin Chandran Nair, for the nominating.   Its rewarding to be recognised by others.  Of course, now I have a standard to uphold. I’m as good as that as obeying rules.  Well here come the rules.

Here are the Rules of this Award:
1. Acknowledge the booger who nominated you wuth name and the URL
2. Disclose five facts about you
3. Further nominate 15 bloggers

Five Facts You Don’t Know About Me:
1. I’m a street walking social worker (letter carrier, didn’t explain it well)
2.  My favorite state is Texas, well maybe West Virginia, no wait Hawaii.  I’m very decisive.  (Should count as two things)
3.  There is nothing so serious you can’t laugh at it. 
4.  I’m a photographer, untrained but trial and error are very good teachers.
5.  History is written by the victor.  I read the other side’s stories as well.

My Fifteen Nominations:
1. Priceless Joy – Http://
2. Jessie – Http://
3. Izzy Grabs Life – Http://
4. Skyllairge – Http://
5. Afairymind-
6. John Yep –
7. Amommasview –
8. SmileylikeImeanit –
9. Dave Parkinkspot –
10. HumaAq-
11. Ericcantu –
12. Sonya –
13. Jennifer Nichole Wells –
14. The crafty lady in combat boots –
15. Ipekseyhan –

Thank you for all who follow me. I try ti improve my stories with your input. The list above is a sign of help from inspiration to comments. Thanks to all.


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