The View


The powerhouse was abandoned years ago.  The smokestacks rises over the small buildings   The legend of what happened here grows with each generation.

Today,  a camera crew has come.  The plant in it’s prime couldn’t power the gadgets set to explore it’s mysteries.   Legends and ghosts die hard.  When they intertwine. .. they are immortal.   Three people fell from the stairs, coming down.   All looked like they were pushed.   Adeia was sacred land to Huron tribe centuries ago.   They were pushed off the land.

Electro Magnetic Kinetics have overrun the place.   Spikes of energy light up the buildings.   The experts all have theories.   And teams that do their work.

Stephen Malik was coordinator here. His tv series ruled Wednesday. Light flashes, voice enhancements, knocks, telekinesis, you name it, week in week out. This was big! A ratings killer.

Junkana, last full blood Huron, came. Sacred land was bring honored (on camera). His concern was Indian grave yard run amuck. His people weren’t savages. Curses didn’t come from them.

The crew sets up first trading at top of stairs. Stephen smiles, described the view. Turns to Junkana, asks about Huron grave yard. Flying forward Stephen falls off staircase to death, 75 feet below. Junkana explains the ghost had Shawnee war paint.

The ratings are killer.

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