As Sure as the Sun – Sunday Photo Fiction

The Sunday sounds come streaming in window.  Birds calls replace car noise.   Sylvia’s wall of sleep tumbles as movement crosses her left leg.  Bojangles, a calico colored wildly outside the lines, parks between her shoulder blades.   Waking up she sees across George sits Major, a black German Shepard inching closer to bed. 

Turning over Sylvia notices the clock reads 4:46.  “Oh god, we slept all day”

Major knows Sunday is paper day, car ride and walking George in the park. 

Every clock is different but all seen off.   Sylvia searched for why it looks like morning but feels afternoon.

“Dad’s watch says 9:52.   Old watch never loses time. Power went out”  George taking Major

The corner store, the dog friendly keeper of news print.  Today it’s closed.   The guy points at sign.  The watch says 10:25.

Across from beach, George grabs paper. 
At the beach, no-one is there.  Major is thrilled.  George let’s him run off leash.  George watches the sky,  Clouds building and moving in from the east.  Off for the time of year.  He turns to see a man in silver jacket with fedora hat.  His face is blurred.  

“Have you got the time?”  Mr silver asks.

“It’s 10:46.” George replies.

“Oh it’s 5:46.   Sure as the Sun sets in the East” the man fades.

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